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Have you deployed a Solana program?

Right now, our automated tooling is trying to attack your program.

It does this by simulating mutated transactions involving your contract. But don’t worry, we don’t execute attacks our tools find. Instead, we store any findings and make them available to the contract’s developers – you.

This service is free, and there is no setup required. It is maintained by Neodyme, with support from the Solana Foundation.

Fuzzed Transactions
Processed Data
+false last undefineds
Average Transaction Fuzz Time

Just by signing up, you are already providing us with contact information for to your program. We will contact you for any findings we triage manually.

We’ll also provide you with your personalized database view with all findings for your program(s). Right now, this access will require manual verification of your authenticity. We’ll be in touch about this, and you can verify at your leisure. Most of the fields are optional, but all information you provide helps us triage findings more efficiently.

Any findings triaged by us will be reported to you.

Will be used for further communication. A project-specific email is preferred.
The addresses of all Solana programs you develop.
If your project has a website, please link it here.
This will make verification a lot easier for us.
Also, you don’t need to enter any duplicate information below.
Please briefly describe what each of the programs you provided above does.
Knowing what your program does helps helps us triage bugs for you.
If you have any documentation you can provide a link here.
Please provide a link to your programs source, if it is open source.
This makes triaging bugs on your behalf a lot easier for us.
We’ll send you instructions for verifying that you own the program to the mail you provided.
If you have any remarks that didn’t fit any of the other fields, here is the place!
Expect an automated email after successful submission.
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